The Power of Giving Back

A New Lease on Life™ was created by Christopher Todd Communities to provide a helping hand up to one person or one family at a time. In our inaugural outreach, we partnered with The Veterans Directory, a non-profit of veterans helping veterans make a successful transition into civilian life. Through The Veterans Directory outreach and vetting process, Christopher Todd Communities ultimately selected one of many deserving heroes to receive a free home for a year, followed by two years of reduced rent.

Jonathan Hancock, a United States Marine Corp veteran served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, experienced the horrors of war. More than a quarter of the soldiers he served with were killed, and many more were injured. He saw the worst of the worst. And it impacted him deeply. After his honorable discharge he hit rock bottom with excessive drinking and a suicide attempt. It was at a Veteran Affairs Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland that he came up with the idea of walking as part of his mental and physical health recovery. He wanted to walk and visit with his fellow Marine veteran brothers and the families of those who had been killed. He walked. And he walked. He walked 5807 miles in total.

From there he moved to Arizona to pursue both his Bachelors and Masters degrees at Arizona State University. He acknowledges his mistakes, has been given a second chance at a healthy, quality life, and is committed to helping other veterans along the way.

Christopher Todd Properties and Christopher Todd Communities are proud to play a small part in his continuing journey.

“It is our honor and privilege to launch this important initiative designed to positively transform the life of a deserving veteran.”

– Todd Wood, CEO

A New Lease on Life

Christopher Todd Communities focuses its charitable outreach through its non-profit
foundation, A New Lease on Life™. Our emphasis is on HOUSING, VETERANS, and
COMMUNITY in the cities in which we do business. At this time, we are focused on post
9/11 honorably-discharged veterans who have served in an active war campaign and
are now transitioning to civilian life, or the families of MIA or KIA in the same scope. Our
program is designed to help the veteran focus on education or retraining to enjoy a
successful civilian life. Christopher Todd Communities may offer up to one home per
new community.

Christopher Todd Communities has aligned with the Vets’ Community Connection
(VCC), a non-profit organization serving transitioning Veterans in Maricopa County, to
assist with our A New Lease on Life program. The VCC will help promote the program,
collect all applications, screen for military requirements, and participate in the review

Eligible Veterans must meet the requirements, complete the application and essay
requirements, and be vetted by a community panel. Up to one Veteran per new
community will be selected after an in-person interview with Christopher Todd
Communities and VCC leadership. Christopher Todd Communities may also elect to
offer a helping hand up via some other means as new communities opens, evaluating
the needs of each area in which the company develops.

Program questions may be sent to All applications must
be submitted per the rules on the application.