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Nearly 39 million people live in apartments, and the apartment industry is quickly exceeding capacity. (Source: National Multifamily Housing Council)

Today’s renter is looking for something other than an apartment complex that doesn’t offer privacy or their own backyard. And while single-family homes can provide these features, they typically come with more upkeep and maintenance issues than renters want. Christopher Todd Properties has created an intriguing combination of the two.

An estimated 28 percent of rentals are single family homes. And of those, only two percent are owned by institutional investors. (Source: Meyers Research) Christopher Todd Properties sees that as a business opportunity.



Country Place



Marley Park

Christopher Todd Properties currently has five communities under construction in the Phoenix metro area with many more sites in the pipeline. We have outlined an aggressive growth path, not only in Arizona but across the country.  As a privately-held company, we are entertaining investor opportunities.

Industry Updates

Why Purpose Built Single Family Rentals?


Renter Nation | The Phoenix Market

A Bit About Our Growth Plans

To be recognized as the Largest Privately Held Developer
of Single Level Luxury Rental Communities in the Nation.

Planned Homes by State – 10 Year Forecast

Includes Franchise and Other Partnership Ventures

We all know that location is king in real estate development. We typically look for 15-25 acres sites, preferably zoned for multi-family, located in areas with a solid population or growth potential, convenient to retail and business corridors.
If you have a parcel we should consider, please contact us.

Franchising Opportunities

Be A Part Of The Christopher Todd Evolution.

Christopher Todd Properties is actively looking to expand across the U.S. and is evaluating a variety of delivery methods, including licensing/franchising opportunities. If interested, let’s begin a dialogue.